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My Fish Was One Inch Shorter Than Me!

August 24, 2010

The following was submitted by Davis Knight

I’m 8 years old and have lived in Rye my whole life. My parents tell me I have no idea how great it is to grow up in Rye, but I love it because I can go fishing.

I like fishing because I get to be outside. My dad taught me how to bait my own hook, then cast and reel in the fish. I also like to fish because it is good exercise, especially when you have to reel in blue fish and small mouth bass. You feel as if you might fall overboard!

The author with his 35-pound striped bass.

The smallest fish I’ve caught are minnows in tide pools. Mom tells me when low tide is. I have a new net which is really great and I also use it to catch frogs.

The biggest fish I’ve caught was a 35-pound striped bass a few weeks ago! I am only one inch bigger than the striped bass! I was on a small fishing boat with my dad right there in Long Island Sound.

When I was 4 years old I caught a pike that was bigger than me. That was in Canada on vacation with my dad and Grampy. We’re going there again this year and I can’t wait.

Fishing sure is fun!

A Fishing Tale for the Ages

April 22, 2010

Rye Middle School student Colin Cornacchia was on board for the “catch of a lifetime” earlier this month when he joined his uncle Brian in Boynton Beach, Fla. Before they could even reel in some live bait, the two were dueling with a mammoth wahoo fish in the shallows of the Boynton Inlet. Brian Cornacchia said his nephew, who loves to fish, had much to do with the epic snare.

“He moved all my rods out of the way, put the harness on for me and lifted the engine as the fish circled the boat over and over,” noted Brian of the action on his 23-foot Mako, dubbed “Montana Cool.”