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Rye on the Ball was created by The Rye Record in hope of getting local residents the latest sports news as soon as possible. We want to be your daily destination for all things Rye sports.

The blog will not work without you though. That’s right, YOU! Too many times we receive comments from people, wondering why we didn’t do a story about this or that. All it takes is an e-mail or call to point us in the right direction, and I assure we’ll have that story on here and in the paper in no time.

To contact me, Jim Byrne, shoot an e-mail to JimByrne@ryerecord.com, or just comment on one of the posts in the blog. Or, drop me a line at The Rye Record office at 925-0540.

In closing, this blog is meant to be a celebratory one, not a place for the negativity that is all too common on the Internet and sports blogs in particular. If you have something nasty to say, take it up with me personally. Do not ruin the comments section for others simply because you have the urge to mouth off.

Let’s have some fun out there!

– Jim Byrne
The Rye Record

7 Responses to “About Rye on the Ball”

  1. J-Ason Says:

    Great Work Jim We all Appreciate It. YOUR GREAT FOR the RYE ATHLETES and the Community. Keep it up. I love reading this!!!


    I found it very disturbing that the girls soccer team had to play in
    the pouring rain on Saturday evening. Girls on both teams sudstained minor injuries becasue of the wet slippery conditons and one of our girls, Carter Talgo, was hurt pretty badly. The boys were still scheduled to play after the girls, untul the last minute, when it started lightning and thundering.

    Even the Yankees’ playoff game was rescheduled from Sat ngiht to SUnday. What was thepoint of putting our athletes at risk?

  3. Carla Elias Says:

    Just wanted to note that Carla Elias Nava was listed at 2 different names within one week.. neither of which were correct.

    Her 25 pt game against Edgemont was recorded as “Carla Elvis-Nava” and the 20 point game was recorded as “Caral Elias Nava”

    Is there any way that this can be corrected?

    • ryerecordsports Says:

      My apologies! I will certainly fix it and it won’t happen in the future. I haven’t heard back from the coach despite a few inquiries. Is there any way you can e-mail a roster to me so I have the right names and numbers?

  4. marc washington Says:

    I just wanted to thank your coverage over the years that you gave to the Rye Country Day Wildcats soccer teams.
    Where did the time go?
    It meant a lot to coach Pereira and coach Isola and all of the young men that played for him since 2007 which was Taylor’s freshman year at Rye Country Day.
    The support that coach Pereira and coach Isola gave to Taylor over the years was special…he loved playing for them.

    Taylor development as a young man and as a soccer player are a by product of the efforts of the coaches and his teammates over the last 4 years.
    Some of the Wildcat players freshman through junior year were:
    Andrew Lee, Marco Blasetti, JP Garry, Connor McDade, Lucas Prouve,
    Gildas Girimana, Pranav Sehgal, Cody Levine, Joey Connor, Jorden Kemp,
    Cole Kleinberg, John Walsh, Denzyl Morris, Ryan Blatt and John Roche …they were 2008 Fairchester Athletic Association (FAA) champions.

    All of these student-athletes were products of a strong RCDS education and are now attending excellent schools throughout the USA.
    Most of these young men are now juniors and sophomores in college.

    The RCDS 07, 08, and 09 teams were a very talented soccer teams who also played with a lot of grit and moxie….they also had a lot of speed and size.
    They would grind you and wear you down.
    Remember that maybe 3 or 4 players (at the most) on these teams played club soccer…the rest of the RCDS team played lacrosse, basketball, baseball, hockey ,golf and squash at a very high level.
    A lot of the section 1 teams typically have at least 6 or 7 players that play club soccer.
    In 2007 they even beat a very strong White Plains team by a score of 3-2…I was not surprised. We saw stronger teams in WNEPSSA like Hotchkiss and South Kent and others who all have 5-6 legit division 1 players on their rosters…they also have a lot PG players.
    These teams would beat any top section 1 team…not even close in terms of talent and skill….scary.
    Please remember that Taylor’s FC Westchester Academy team has most of the top players in the tri-state area…like Hiroki Kobayashi, Andreus Penfold,
    Gregg Shaheen, Cesar Ceja, Alex Kapp, Michael Abraham, Gabe Stauber and Ryan Tauss…the rest are at the NY Red Bulls Academy.
    Eight (8) players from FCW teams were named to the Journal News HS All-Star (Starting XI) team in 2010….Hiroki (Kobayashi) was the Player of the Year.
    Kobayashi ,Tauss and Taylor were named to High School All-American teams in 2010….14 of these FCW players will play college soccer in 2011.

    The entire 2010 Wildcat team were awesome and their strength was they wonderful team chemistry and they embraced their roles.

    Compared to the other teams the 2010 team might not have had as much talent but they had that very special quality that enabled them to go 5-0 in FAA league play and and win all the marbles again.
    Through hard work and effort they won the 2010 FAA championship beating KLHT 4-0 with a smothering defensive effort….kudo’s to D Marco Prouve and D Ian Tecklin.

    Key RCDS players of note: F Sam Franklin, D Marco Prouve, D Shane Bingham,
    GK Jonathan Karp and MF Alex Gendelman were all special.
    Karp was the best GK in the FAA last season and was a key factor in the Wildcats championship run.
    Taylor’s pals this season were Brian Connor, Ian Baine, Ian Tecklin
    Sam Franklin who has mad soccer skills and Ignacio de Lera (he’s a 6-3 junior and a really good player).
    Next year’s team has some really good talent in the pipeline like:
    Darren Douglas, Matt Stevens, Andreas Soto, Michael Walsh, Tyler Kay and Billy Ostrau and a few others who will have benifited from this past season on both the varisty and JV.
    Taylor and Marco Prouve have played on the RCDS varsity since their freshman year….for the first two years they both carried the water for every practice and home and away game for RCDS. It taught them about humility and patience.
    Marco and Taylor’s senior year in 2010 they were both captains and once again they passed on what they learned from their teammates over the years….work hard for 90 minutes, trust your teammates and have fun.
    That’s the Wildcat way.
    In one interview Taylor was asked about one his fondest memories with the RCDS soccer team.
    He smiled and didn’t talk about some of his individual awards…what was important for him was winning the 2010 and 2008 FAA championships…
    He talked about that at at the end of each of those games he will always remember carrying the water back to Mr Steve Norman’s (RCDS Head Trainer and Assistant AD) office with a big smile and a sense of Wildcat pride….Priceless!

    Taylor will now take that same spirit with him to Boston University in the Fall and try to find his place in the team……..maybe they will let him carry the water…it helps build character and a winning attitude.

    Thank you once again.

    All the best.


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