Catharine Greer Takes Home Top Athletic Honor on Senior Night

Catharine Greer received her just desserts on Senior Night at Coveleigh Club last month. The Tufts-bound Rye High graduate was awarded Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year by the Athletic Department.

The All-Everything athlete was a four-year starter for both the soccer and basketball teams, and served as captain on each Garnet squad as well. Greer helped lead the soccer team to a second consecutive undefeated season, a No. 1 ranking in the country, a Section championship, and a second trip to the State finals in three years. On the hardcourt, she pushed the Garnets to a League championship and propelled them to a County Center appearance as the second-leading scorer on the team.

Greer, who earned the Con Ed Athlete of the Week for soccer in October, was taken aback when her name was called.

“I didn’t expect the athletic staff would feel that I was the one most worthy of this award, and it was one of the best surprises ever,” she said.

Greer added that her success comes from an attitude that is equal parts competitive and positive. “Leadership is very important when it comes to sports,” she continued, “and I believe that I am able to set good examples and teach the younger players.”

Rich Savage, the Rye girls’ soccer coach, believes the award could not have gone to a more deserving student.

“Aside from being the best marker in the game, Catharine is a dedicated and hard-working athlete who goes above and beyond on every occasion. She’s a role model, showing grit and determination while never getting emotional. In short, she’s a coach’s dream and an opposing team’s nightmare.”

Mary Henwood, who coached Greer for four years on the girls’ basketball team, summarized the multi-sport star’s prowess and importance to her team with an example of a typical on-court moment: “Catharine would be in an impossible defensive situation, somehow steal the ball, break away, and do some incredible move through three defenders to score,” said the coach. “All I could do was turn to the bench and say, ‘Did you see that? Did you see that?’”

Henwood went on to praise Greer’s never-say-die mentality. She also mentioned her nerves of steel at the foul line. “Looking at Catharine you couldn’t tell if the team was ahead, behind, or tied with one second to go.”

Greer’s teammates were effusive in their praise as well. Rising senior Victoria Pacos, who played both soccer and basketball with Greer the past three years, said, “Catharine works and plays harder than any other athlete. She’s a natural leader who pushes everyone around her to be better. The way she encouraged us to try harder and constantly improve … it’s a gift she has.”

Greer has been at it on the pitch and basketball court since she was 6, following in the footsteps of three older brothers and sisters. She also saves time for snowboarding, a passion she pursued despite the concern of her varsity coaches.

Off the field, court, and slopes, Greer has achieved incredible academic success. She made the All-Academic Team at Rye High and graduated with High Honors and a 94 GPA. She gained early admission to Tufts, a Division 3 school, where she plans to play soccer. Greer is undecided about a career choice, but is considering dentistry or medical school.

“I am excited to play soccer at the college level, but I’m also nervous because I don’t know what to expect. I’m just hoping that my college athletic career goes as well as my high school one went.”

And the final words go to Catharine’s father, David Greer: “Catharine is an incredible kid – any parent’s dream. She takes care of everything she needs to without a complaint. Homework, schoolwork, part-time work at her mom’s business. If she wins or loses a game she has the same attitude – you could not tell the difference. No matter how much pressure there is, she looks and acts the same.”

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