Rye Newcomer Skis into Junior Olympics

Just six weeks after moving here from Sweden, Rye Middle School eighth-grader Frida Henningsson earned the right to ski at the Jr. Olympic races at Okemo in Vermont, March 11-14.

Frida Henningsson, right, with her Tri-State medals

Training and competing in slalom in Sweden since she was seven years old, Henningsson did not want to stop racing just because her father’s job took the family to New York. A week after joining the Thunder Ridge Mountain (Patterson, N.Y.) ski team, she competed in five local group races, finishing fourth overall. Henningson then won a silver medal in Giant Slalom at the recent Tri-State competition and became one of six girls chosen to become a Junior Olympian.

Carving her turns through the gates.

Her folks, Mikael and Jeanette Henningsson, live at Waters Edge and accompany their daughter to her ski meets. Mikael told us, “I’m like her caddy out there, carrying all the equipment around. But we parents do it because, even though you have butterflies in your stomach watching your child compete, the smile on her face afterwards is worth it.”

— Mitch Silver


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