Rye Laxers Score One for Don Bosco’s Boys & Girls Club

Members of the Rye boys’ lacrosse team visited the Don Bosco Community Center in Port Chester twice this month to introduce the sport to children from the Boys & Girls Club. The clinic was put into motion by Garnets’ senior Christian Bonaventura and his mother Linda. They came up with the idea one day on the way home from school.

Robinson Alvarez with Rye’s James Goldszer and Tommy White

“There was a surprisingly great response from all the kids at Don Bosco, many of whom had never seen a lacrosse stick or game,” said Christian Bonaventura. “All the kids wanted to learn and play as quickly as possible, so they could throw around with us or score a goal. It was a perfect experience for our team and the kids we met.”

Father Richard Alejunas heads the Boys & Girls Club and spoke highly of the relationship Don Bosco shares with Rye High School. He said the clinics were beneficial both for his children, who are exposed to new sports, programs, and people, and the high school students as well.

Genesis Olivo wasn’t afraid to mix it up with the boys.

“It’s about breaking down barriers and building relationships,” said Father Alejunas. “Our kids light up when these big guys come rolling through. Especially the younger children, who don’t have older siblings to spend time with and look up to.”

Father Alejunas was amazed at the coordination needed to play lacrosse, which he previously pegged as just another “rough sport”.

Saiquon Portee has a ball.

“It’s one thing to be able to play the game, but it’s totally different to teach it,” said Rye head coach Brian Dooley, who noted there was great excitement in the gym. “I have a lot of great players with exceptional character, so this was an opportunity to pass on their knowledge of lacrosse.”

— Jim Byrne


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