Rye Crew Readies for Regattas with Ergathon

The Garnets’ crew team kicked off the fall season with their second annual ergathon October 2, where they raised money for the program and shared enthusiasm for upcoming regattas. At an ergathon, each member of the boat “ergs” the number of meters equal to the pledges they’ve received. This year, each rower was required to row a minimum of 15,000 meters, about 9.5 miles on the erg.

Although their bodies were aching, the rowers were in high spirits, thanks to all the support and fun activities going on around them in front of Rye Middle School. Eric and Jake Valente, Justin Giallorenzo, and Harry Cohan played live music for all of the rowers and their supporters, and there was also a bake sale, where attendees could buy tasty goods and team apparel, provided by the loyal parents.

All of the hard work paid off in the end, as the team reached their goal of 600,000 meters rowed.

The Rye crew team, which is now an official varsity sport after a few years as a club, is composed of 35 dedicated rowers who unite every morning at 5:15 a.m. to practice at Greenwich Rowing Club. The Garnets nearly doubled in size this year when 18 new freshmen and sophomores joined the team, leading head coach Stanley Nelson to sign on two new assistant coaches – Jennifer Palermo and Ben Ramsey.

The team plans on attending four regattas this fall, including Head of the Schuylkill and the Bill Braxton regatta in Philadelphia.

– Dakota Kashchy


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