No Amount of Rain Can Put a Damper on Garnets

Mother Nature has been harsh to the Rye girls’ tennis team this season. They spent their first week practicing in a heat wave, have had two matches suspended by rain, and another two canceled on account of precipitation.

Still, the Garnets have had good reason to go dancing in the rain. They are currently undefeated at 4-0, sweeping a pair with Ossining, 7-0 and 6-1, defeating Byram Hills, 4-3, and Harrison, 6-1.

Casey Berger, Jessica Jahnke, and Molly Jordan have led the way at the top three singles, while Claire Pfister, Ali Sims, Catie McLaughlin, Olivia Singer, Emma Jennings, Amanda McLaughlin, Katie Bouton, and senior captain Katie Geoghegan have all contributed in doubles play.

“The season is going really well and everybody is working hard together,” said senior captain Amanda McLaughlin. “We’ve been successful and all the effort we put into practices will now pay off the rest of the season.”

“All our players this year have a positive attitude, and are always looking to improve after each match,” said Amanda’s twin sister, Catie, the third senior captain. “Each player has her own individual strengths, whether it be quick feet or a powerful serve.”

The team’s fate will be determined more by the weather than by talent, it seems. In what is – in the best of circumstances – a short season (10 matches), the rest of their tilts are critical for a League title, which is exactly what the team is seeking. The League tournament is scheduled for the week of October 11 at Harrison High School.

“We have had such a successful season so far, greatly due to the fact that everyone gets along so well together off the court,” said Geoghegan. “We really have fun during practices!”

– Melanie Cane

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