Garnets Top Harrison at Home 2-1

The Varsity Boys soccer team partnered with the RHS Breast Cancer Awareness Club Saturday night September 25 by wearing pink uniform shirts when they took on the Harrison Huskies under the lights. The sale of pink ribbons, t-shirts and size 4 “Cure” soccer balls raised money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

On the field, the Garnets continued their winning ways with a second straight 2-1 decision over a neighborhood rival (they topped Blind Brook during the week), but not before a few scary moments and one exhilarating one.

Midway through the first half, Senior Tri-Captain Brandon Robinson drove up the right sideline and powered a 40-yard ball that sailed over the Harrison keeper and landed in the back of the net. Then, five minutes after halftime, Rye netminder James Rimmer, who played an otherwise outstanding game, misjudged a floating ball, and it fell perfectly to a Harrison forward. The Garnets barely avoided being knotted up when he hit the post.

Senior defender J.P. Barrett settled things five minutes later with a perfectly struck shot from a dead stop at the top of the box. A late Harrison goal made Barrett’s strike the game-winner.

That exhilarating moment? A formation of geese 25 birds strong swept over the Middle School and swung low over the field in their classic V formation before passing perhaps 50 feet over the stands and continuing on behind the crowd. Pretty special, Robinson and Barrett notwithstandi

– Mitch Silver


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