Local Trainers LIFT Clients to New Levels

Roots in Westchester and a love for the game of football – they’re two of the ways NFL star Ray Rice and the Eck brothers of Rye, Jordan and Connor, are connected. There is a third common denominator as well, and each is quick to point it out.

All three athletes spent a portion of their summer working out at Lifestyle Integrated Fitness Training (LIFT), a strength and conditioning company co-founded by Matt Tauber. Tauber, Rye High School’s head athletic trainer and strength coach, shares in the credit for the Garnets’ recent football dynasty. In addition, many athletes from high school to the professional level attribute some of their personal success to him.

NFL star Ray Rice

“Matt and I have a history dating back to my days at New Rochelle High School when I hurt my shoulder and he was the trainer there,” said Rice, the running back who enjoyed a breakout season for the Baltimore Ravens in 2009. “I trust him totally when it comes to training techniques and it has paid dividends. I strengthened parts of my body he felt needed work, like my hamstrings, core and shoulders.”

Tauber, 37, met fellow LIFT co-founder Brian Sutton – the strength and conditioning coordinator for Rye Neck schools – eight years ago when both were at Altheus. They shared training ideas and philosophies, and talked of branching off on their own one day. That day finally came in 2007 when the duo opened LIFT, which focuses on the integration of personal one-on-one training with athletic development, nutrition, physical and massage therapy for athletes of all ages and abilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re a famous athlete, like Rice, or a business professional, Tauber and Sutton provide all clients with state-of-the-art training techniques.

“It’s more than just being a trainer though,” said Sutton. “We want to change and improve your life and do so in part by building deeper relationships with our clients. We’re always willing to sit down and talk about everyday life.”

Tauber and Sutton moved LIFT to SUNY Purchase earlier this year, and now utilize the former New York Knicks’ training facility on campus. The word has spread in the pro ranks, with sports agents sending more of their athletes to LIFT. Courtney Green of the Jacksonville Jaguars and CJ Miles of the Utah Jazz have both been LIFTed, as well as PGA Tour golfer Michael Quagliano. AJ Rosen, a member of Great Britain’s Olympic luge team, also uses Tauber and Sutton’s services.

Jordan and Connor Eck, past and current Garnet quarterbacks respectively, both aspire to go as far in football as their abilities can take them. They said it’s inspiring to know the facility is shared by athletes like Rice, but are in no way surprised that professionals train with Tauber and Sutton.

Matt Tauber, Connor Eck, Jordan Eck and Brian Sutton

“A lot of people just want you to get bigger, but Matt and Brian turn you into a better all-around athlete on the field,” said Jordan, a quarterback at Hamilton College. “Matt built a high level of confidence in me early on, so the familiarity and individual attention brings me back to him time and again.”

Connor agreed, and said that the way Brian and Matt build relationships equates to superior results. Their will and desire to make the athlete better is what makes training with them enjoyable.

“I’ve known Matt since I was 10 years old,” said Connor, who will be a senior at Rye this year. “Way back at Altheus, on my first day with him, he made me throw up from working so hard. I wanted to quit, but he kept pushing me.

“I still hold a grudge,” continued Connor, with a laugh. “He hasn’t changed a bit and will still push you to the point of throwing up. But there is no one I’d rather train with.

LIFT offers custom programs and training on campus or in the comfort of a client’s own home. Athletes, executives and stay-at-home parents are challenged with results-oriented programs based on the latest in sports science research and programming. For more information, call 914-251-4430 or email go2lift@gmail.com.


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