Pub Ryots End Ten-Year Losing Streak With 4-3 Victory

Entering the 2010 season, you’d have to go all the way back to the record books from the turn of the millennium to find a box score that showed the Pub Ryots as winners of a Rye Recreation Women’s Softball game. Well, spin that Backstreet Boys’ CD again and revive those Y2K Bug fears, because the Pub Ryots ended their ten-year losing streak.

The 2010 Pub Ryots

The Ryots, sponsored by Jim Finneran of The Pub on Elm Place, ended their skid May 20 in a 4-3 win over Davy Byrne’s Rum Runners. First basemen Maureen Brophy said that, like the Backstreet Boys, the hits just kept coming, and that scoring a few runs in the first frame was key. Also, the defense went after the lead runner on a couple of grounders instead of simply throwing to first, resulting in big double plays.

“The first win was awesome,” said Brophy. “I recorded the final out and I was almost ill thinking I might drop the ball. Boy, did we celebrate! Our coach’s son Brendan didn’t believe we had actually won a game and kept asking Mary, ‘Really? You won? Really?’ And let me tell you, the beer after the game at the pub was the best tasting beer we’ve ever had!”

Note that Brophy said “first” win. Yes, the Ryots, who have been around for roughly 30 years (with Dona Delohery part of the team since Day One), did it again in early June with a 7-4 win over the HotShotz.

“We all just love getting together and having an excuse to get out of the house,” said Brophy. “I remember walking out to our cars after the victories and leaving with a big smile on my face.”


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