Wildcats Win League Championship; Freshman Takes Individual Crown

There was no stopping the Rye Country Day girls’ golf team on the greens this year, as the Wildcats roared to a second consecutive Fairchester Athletic Association league championship. The team finished 8-2 thanks to a roster so deep it was almost unfair. Alexa Greene, Catie Cole, Larke Nimocks, Lauren Schumaker, Madison Friedman, Nina Stoupnitzky, Samantha Coughlin, Skye McCaine, Taryn Clary and Taylor Katzovitz all had a say in propelling Rye Country Day to a 21-2 record over a two-year span.

The 2010 FAA champions

“Winning the FAA two years in a row is very much like winning a NYSAIS State title two straight years,” said head coach Bob TeCarr. “It can be attributed to an outstanding group of talented athletes.”

Freshman Larke Nimocks only added to the Wildcats’ ringing success by winning the FAA individual crown at the league tournament in late May at Round Hill Club in Greenwich. She shot a five-over 40 to claim the championship, edging the second place finisher by one stroke.

“On the day of the tournament I knew that I really wanted to win our final event, and taking time on each shot enabled me to be very successful,” said Nimocks. “Part of the reason our team has been so successful – at least for this year – was that we all knew the areas we needed to improve, and we were able to act on that to better our games, especially the short game.”

While Nimocks earned FAA All-League honors for her big win, both Skye McCaine and Catie Cole took FAA All-League Honorable Mention nods.

Skye McCaine

“It feels great and the team and I are very proud of our success,” said McCaine. “I’ll always remember how supportive we all were of each other both on and off the course and how much fun we had when we played together.”

McCaine, a sophomore, is excited about what the future holds, noting that the team is strong from top to bottom and does not solely depend on the best five players.

Although McCaine knows the team is determined to continue their success, Nimocks said the best thing about the Wildcats is that no one can take away the incredible memories forged this season.

“I will always remember our spring training trip since it was the first time our team came together,” Nimocks said. “We had the chance to get to know each other and it was so much fun to make new friends and get an idea of what the rest of our season would be like.”


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