You’re Invited to Join the New Rye Yacht Club

There’s a new yacht club in town, and this one is free to join.

Dr. Jeff Dorfman moved his family to Rye seven years ago in part because he loves the water and boating. Since then, he’s been continually amazed at the number of residents who lack awareness of — or access to — from their aquatic surroundings. Last fall the good doctor decided to do something about it, so he created the Rye Yacht Club.

Captain Jeff Dorfman with his daughter Kaitlyn and wife Mary-Ellen

The idea is to provide access to the water at no cost, while “promoting the social aspects, sense of community and goodwill of boating.” Rye Yacht Club already boasts over 40 members who use the message board at to arrange boating activities from fishing to sailing. The club is open to new members, and boat ownership is not a requirement to join. For example, if an RYC member has a weekend off and wants to go fishing, all he or she need do is go to the message board and see if anyone is pushing off. It’s a great way to share expenses and make new friends.

“Years ago Rabbi Dan Gropper at the Community Synagogue of Rye taught me that belonging to any house of worship was about feeling a sense of community,” said Dr. Dorfman, who is a cosmetic dentist in Manhattan. “I believe that local private yacht clubs, private beach clubs and private street association beaches are more focused on exclusivity than fostering a sense of community within Rye. That is why membership in RYC is free and classified listings for local boating contractors are also free.”

Dr. Dorfman has two boats in the Rye Municipal Boat Basin, and was spurred to put his idea into action after befriending hard-working locals like Mike Billington and RMBB supervisor Peter Fox through boating. Both Billington and Fox joined Rye Yacht Club, and anyone else can do the same by sending an e-mail query to

“Our neighbors may travel all around the world and yet never know the true beauty we have in our backyard and the inner peace it can provide,” said Dr. Dorfman, who is married to Mary-Ellen and has an 8-year-old daughter named Kaitlyn (who will soon be a black belt in Tae Kwan Do). “I own a sailboat, speedboat and a rowboat with a motor and each offers a unique way to enjoy Milton Harbor, Mamaroneck Harbor and the Long Island Sound. Increased appreciation of our water resources will hopefully encourage greater conservation by our neighbors; I cannot count the amount of plastic dog waste bags I personally remove from the water!”


One Response to “You’re Invited to Join the New Rye Yacht Club”

  1. John Grasso Says:

    Jeff: we spoke at the dock a couple of weeks ago. I tried to sign on, but for some reason I am unable to. please advise. John Grasso. #129

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